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Who am I

I am a two time Golden Lion, three time ABBY and copywriter of the year award winner. Wow, wondering who the hell is this guy? Okay, now I have got your attention. Honestly, I would win those someday and frankly nobody gives a damn about the About Us page nowadays. Since you have landed on this page, you may well read a bit about me, but if you are only interested in what I've done rather than who am I, you can go directly to see my work.

On a more serious note, I am a passionate copywriter from Bangalore, more of an ideator, with a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with close to five years of experience in advertising, both traditional and digital. Having worked under crazy designers, demanding client service executives, fantastic and fanatic Creative and Art Directors, I have developed a strong experience in conceptualization of concepts and ideas, content creation, and implementing the same, handling online marketing and a bit of client servicing too.

In my almost extinct free time, I enjoy reading fiction, weird thriller movies and listening to heavy metal music.

What I can

I can write period
Wait, anybody who is good in English can write.
Let me rephrase it
I can write clear, persuasive, grammatically accurate, targeted and result oriented copy and content.

Basically, I can do

Copywriting, Long Copy, Idea, Strategy, Content, SEO based content optimization, Search Engine Marketing, web content, EDM, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Captioning, Corporate Slogans, storyboard, script, short story, pretty much everything related to advertising.

Me for myself

When I don't have to build a brand, sell a brand or promote a brand, I do like to float away in my imagination and write some crazy yet logical stuff, just to feel good and brag about myself.
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